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Each of the videos below is 8-10 minutes long and highlights a different part of the system. While these videos do not cover every module, they will give you an idea of how easy it is to use XpertMart.

You need a minimum connection speed of 256K to view the flash videos. Otherwise, download the zipped .avi files to your computer and watch them using Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.

The newest videos have been place on YouTube (tm). Descriptions and links are given below.

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Training Videos on YouTube (tm).
How to make a Receipt against a Purchase Order

A video that will train you on how to recieve merchandise againsta an existing Purchase Order.

Vendor Payments Based on Receipts

How to use XpertMart receipts to pay vendors.

XpertMart Promotions Module Part 1

Demonstration and training in XpertMart's promotions module. Part 1

XpertMart Promotions Module Part 2

Demonstration and training in XpertMart's promotions module. Part 2

Margin Reports

Training on how to use the margin reports to verify the quality of prices and costs in XpertMart. These reports show margins above a certain percentage or margins below a certain percentage. Some deal only with stock in inventory others with all items compared to Order Cost.

Sending Reports to Employee Reports Folder

This video explains how to send any report in XpertMart to an employee's reports folder. Since XpertMart has so many reports this will help you have the reports you use often in an single place.

Saving Reports For Spreadsheets

How to save an XpertMart report in a format that is recognized by spread sheet programs. The format is actually what is known as Comma Separated Values or CSV for short. This format is also used by many other programs to import data or data processing services.

XpertMart Lost Sales Module

Training on the Lost Sales Module. The purpose of lost sale documents to detect merchandise requested by customers but not in stock. How to enter a lost sale for a catalog item or non-catalog item.

How to Sell and Take Gift Certificates in XpertMartThis video gives you simple training on how to sell a Gift Certificate in XpertMart and how to take a Gift Certificate a payment. It shows a simple report and how the Gift Certificates shows up at the end of the dayPayouts From Cash Drawer Explains how to handle amounts you may pay out of the cash in the register. A report is explained that will show what was paid out when, for what concept and what notes were made in regards to this expense.
Web Store Configuration and ReloadThis video shows you how to make changes in the web store configuration.