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The following are sample reports from XpertMart's library of over 500 retail reports. XpertMart includes reports that will, for example: show the inventory rotation of your merchandise; rank your vendors by profitability; list all customer's whose birthday is in a specified month; summarize best-selling Styles by Department by Store; detail all stockouts for the prior day, and so on.

Our growing library of retail reports represents ten years of the collective wisdom of our customers. Every time a customer requests a special report we add it to our Reports Library. Our turn-around requests for custom-reports is within 24 - 48 hours.

Reports in XpertMart can include photos, logos and other images. Data can be displayed in a matrix format, in a bar graph or pie chart. You can create and store formulas and virtual tables. All reports can be run with dynamic data range.

With XpertReports the power to understand your retail business is endless.

To download all reports grouped by a single topic, click on the Report Book icon. To view each report indiviually, simply click on the title.




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