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View reports that get to the point. XpertMart's library of over 250 reports includes reports that display sales and stock side-by-side in a Store/Style/Size/Color matrix, graphs and charts of key variables as well as photos and logos that make it easy to identify best-selling brands and styles. Our reports cut through the clutter to give you the analysis you need to take timely decisions on your insights.
21.	Retail sales analysis and inventory turn
XpertMart: Point of Sale and Inventory Control for Retailers

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Iinventory management technology available to national chains 15 years ago was out of reach to independent retailers. Today, the problem is that independent retailers do not have the personnel or time to fully utilize all of this technology. One study on the adoption of POS systems found that retailers that only used basic features only saw their sales rise an average of 5% while retailers who used all features available to them (such as customer relationship management and automatic restocking) saw their sales rise an average of 20%.